Saturday, April 11, 2009

I hope what I have blogged about will help someone


  1. This is very helpful information. I am going to have to find some essaic for my back pains. That salesman should sell this online. Thank You for sharing.

  2. there is a link in my blog, I found a website where they sell Essiac. It is exactly like the Essiac I get.

  3. I am so happy to have found Robin as an online friend and that she told me about Essiac Tea.
    It's been a week since I starting drinking the tea and I have already noticed improvement in my health.
    As someone who has suffered from the aches and pains of Fibromyalgia for several years I just knew I was doomed to wake up everyday with pain somewhere.
    Fibro is like having the flu everyday of your life. But now that I have found Essiac I wake up without my hands or feet feeling like they are broken or knotted muscles that ache.
    My vision and my abiltiy to concentrate and foucus have improved as well.
    Thank you Robin from the bottom of my heart for telling me about Essiac tea!!!

  4. I am really happy to hear what Essiac has done for those who are taking it. It is amazing at what this mixture of herbs will do for a person.

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