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Essiac Herbs Stay Healthy and live longer

You may not want to get into taking herbs. If you are someone who doesn't believe God put herbs here for our health, if you Believe everything your Dr. tells you, then close this web site, it will not be for you. Some folks just are not meant to know about or believe that God put things here knowing what we would need to be healed of the things that make us sick.

When someone tried to tell me about herbs I considered this person a wind bag. I was not into doing herbs and I did not want to hear about them. I was highly skeptical. I have since changed my mind.

Instead of me trying to convince you to listen to me. I suggest you do your own research.

I first heard about the herbs Essiac about 5 years before I would try them. When I did try them I could not believe what they did for me. While Essiac is touted to be a cure for Cancer, it is much more than that. Below you will find the research I did, but I suggest you do your own research too.

The Truth About Essiac
Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment, ESSIAC
Authentic, Original Essiac Tea Formula Documentation

By Lanny Messinger -- Updated on June 9, 2008

There is a book called Calling of an Angel, it is worth buying and reading. It tells of the 40 year battle Rene Caisse went through trying to get these herbs out to the public, and the fight with the Government, Parliment, AMA and Pharmasutical companies.

My own Experiences, and people I know personally
Before I started taking Essiac, this guy told me about it, and I would not listen to him, I thought he was just an old wind bag that was into herbs, and wanted to sell me some. He kept telling me they would help my knees, they had cured him of Liver cancer, and they help diabetics, and a lot of other health problems. For 5 years I blew him off , each time he tried to get me to try it.
One day I decided I was tired of hearing him tell about it ,and bought a bag of the herb. He told meto take 1/2 tsp in warm water, about two swallows. He said to take it once or twice a day. I took it once a day. He said I probably wouldn't notice much for about 6 weeks. Before one week had passed I could tell a huge difference in my knees.

You have to know, my knees were not bending, I had to force them to bend so I could squat down to pick something up off the floor. It hurt unbareably to squat down, then I could not get my knees to unbend, I had to pull my self up, with my hands, then stand there min. before I could walk.

It was one day short of being a full week, and I could squat down, no pain, my knees were working like they were suppose to work.

My husband, started taking Essiac, at the same time.He is disabled, with the vertibreys in his neck, one had a bone chipped out, and one of the Disc's were trying to slip through that hole. He also has spinal stenosis, the vertibreys are closing in on the nerves in his back. He use to be down for weeks at a time, if he moved his head a certain way, he was down. Now while he still has the same problem, he is not down with all that pain, for more than a couple of days at a time. The pain is not as bad, and some days he has no pain at all.

My Mother, She took a bad fall when she was in her mid 20's she is 75 now. She nearly lost her arm, it was mangled very badly, and she has a pin in the elbow. She was limited on how far it would bend. Then she Fell and broke her shoulder several years later, and that caused her to not be able to raise her arm up enough to put food in her mouth or touch the top of her head. She can now touch her head and feed herself with that hand. She also has Rhumitoid Arthritis and her hands have twisted out of shape, with the fingers bent down into her palms. She lived with horrible pain for years because of that. Drs put her on a medicine which had a side effect (may cause blindness) it did cause her to start going blind. For the last three years maybe longer, she could not see any colors, everything was either Black or White to her. Now she can see colors again.She is also taking another herb, in tablet form called MSM, it is for Arthritis, and it has started working, her fingers are starteing to straighten out after several years of being twisted and bent.

My Nephew, He is a diabetic, he was taking 35cc of insulin a day. After he started Essiac he has had to cut the insulin down twice and the last time I talked to him, he said he is going to have to cut it down again. He was down to 20cc of insulin when I talked to him.

1st friend, with Back pain. I Have a friend who said for years, every morning she has had back pain. after taking Essiac she has not had that pain.

2nd Friend, She was having problems like I was, with her knees and other joints. She started taking Essiac, and her pains went away, as well as she was able to move again without that stiffness in her joints.

My husband had a cousin, diagnosed with a cancer on one of his ribs. He said he would give the Essiac a try. His daughter gave him too much at one time, and he complained of stomach cramps. He said he didn't want to take it after he had been taking it about a week or two. (Overdosing is not good for your system). Well he decided to let the Dr. take out that rib. When the Dr. removed the rib, he said that cancer was the most unusual he had ever seen. (Essiac had been killing the cancer)
My husband's cousin went ahead and took the chemo and radiation treatments, stopped taking the Essiac, and died of cancer, last year.
I believe if he had not been overdosed in the begining, he might have continued taking the Essiac, and would have been cured.
I can not stress hard enough not to take more than 1/2 tsp at one time, more is not better, because it is too hard on your system to take more. When you take 1/2 a tsp. it is just right, and will cure any cancer it comes in contact with.

It pains me to hear of folks, who would rather take chemo, and radiation, instead of these herbs. God put these herbs here for us, we just need to use our common sense to use them. Chemo or radiation, ends up spreading the cancer. Dr's make a fortune on those treatments. Chemo and Radiation is a treatment, not a cure. The number of folks who are cured of Cancer using Chemo and Radiation is a very small percent, but with these herbs it is 100%, unless you do the foolish thing and take the Chemo and Radiation. Essiac doesn't interfere with Chemo or Radiation, but they sure interfere with Essiac, and stop it from curing your cancer.

If you want to take Chemo and Radiation, that is up to you, and you are to blame when it spreads your cancer because you decided to take what the Dr handed out. I would urge anyone to Take God's cure, instead of Chemo and radiation. Essiac is God's cure for cancer.

Essiac is a mixture of herbs to help your immune system. As areas of our bodies fail to function, Essia will restore the function of those areas. Among things these herbs will do, Helps restore eyesight caused by Glaucoma, and other eye diseases. Helps control blood pressure Helps with arthritis and Has been known to cure cancer Helps with blood sugar levels, Helps with sleeping problems, Helps boost energy levels

Essiac is one of the most all round mixes of herbs; it will help or cure a vast variety of problems our bodies suffer.

This would be for someone with Cancer.Take 1 hr. before a meal or after a Meal) For A serious problem double up, take 1/2tsp a day for the first week, 2nd week, take twice a day, third week take 3 times a day and the 4th week 4 times a day. Once you see the problem has been cured or helped vastly, cut it back to 2 times per day, if the problem tries to come back go back to taking 4 times A day. Wait 6 months before cutting back if you Had a serious problem like Cancer.

For less serious problems, 1/2 level teaspoon once a day,for the first week, then If you see once a day is not enough, take it twice a day. Add it to coffee, tea, or put a small amount of warm water into a juice glass (about an inch or two of water) Stir in your herbs, and drink. Essiac is most effective taken before bed time

I have learned that if you try taking more than 1/2 tsp at a time, it could cause serious constipation. Also if you go by the directions of making a tea, you may be drinking too much and thus causing more problems.I strongly suggest taking it by my directions, and don't make a tea out of it. Diabetics should Monitor their Blood Sugar Before taking any insulin, while they are using Essiac. Essiac will make your pancreas start functioning, and you don't want to take insulin if you don't need it.

Some folks may become constipated even with taking just 1/2 tsp a day, Use a laxative,and go off of Essiac for a day or two then go back on it. If this happens or you if have diarrhea, take something to check the diarrhea and go off of Essiac for a day or two then go back on it. This happens if you have a lot of toxins in Your body, it won’t last long, usually not more than a few days or a week if that long.The reason this happens, is because Essiac is pulling a lot of toxins from your system, when you first start taking it, and putting them in the Bowel or Urine, for your body to get rid of. Once all those toxins have been pulled from your body, your system will be regulated, and Essiac will start working on those areas you are having problems with. Most Health food stores carry Essiac. If you buy from a health food store or online, be sure you are buying the 4 herb Essiac, ( not the 8 herbs and not flor-Essiac.)
There use to be a 14 chapter online book about the nurse who founded Essiac and the 40 year fight she went through to get Essiac to people who needed it. It was called The 7th fire, but the site is no longer online so I had to remove the link to it.

Here is a place online where you can order large or small quantities of Essiac
Essiac Products

I found a web site that has the empty gel caps and a machine to fill them with.
I have the "00" size capsules and machine. I take 2 capsules of a morning and 2 of an evening. If you have cancer you would want to take 2 capsules 4 times a day spaced out, like Morning, mid morning, noon, afternoon, and it would not hurt to take another 2 before bedtime.


(I do not make money on recommending this site, nor do I make money for telling people about the benefits of Essiac) I am doing this, to pass on What God showed One man who was dieing of Cancer,This Herb saved him, and he in turn is telling folks about this herb, and I am paying it forward.
while the package may contain directions on how to make a tea, with Essiac I would recommend going by the directions above, it is just less complicatedand you don't have to go to the trouble of making a tea and storing it.And it will work the same following the above directions.Another reason I Strongly Suggest you do not make a tea, is because it would be easy for you to take too much, and that would be bad, More is not good in this caseLess is best.

Essiac Tea is Used for Many Health Problems Because of essiac's general detoxification and immune-boosting properties, essiac can support the body's healing from a variety of health problems. Essiac tea originally was used in Canada beginning in the early 1900s by the nurse Rene Caisse to treat people with cancer.
People with the following health problems may find essiac to be a useful health supplement:
1. Poor immune system
2. Chronic bronchitis
3. Chronic Pain
4. Diabetes
5. Arthritis
6. Obesity
7. Ulcers
8. Liver Problems
9. Colon Trouble
10. Chronic Fatigue
11. Fibromyalgia
12. Sinus Trouble
13. Gout
14. Pneumonia
15. High Blood Pressure
16. Constipation
17. Kidney and Bladdar Problems
18. AIDS
19. Pain related to inflammation
20. High Cholesterol
21. Diarrhea
22. Heartburn

Here are some of the reported effectsof the blend of eight herbsthat make up essiac tea:

1. Prevents the buildup of excess fatty deposits in artery walls, heart, kidney and liver.
2. Regulates cholesterol levels by transforming sugar and fat into energy.
3. Destroys parasites in the digestive system and throughout the body.
4. Counteracts the effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning--this has important implications for detoxification of the body.
5. Strengthens and improves the functioning of muscles, organs and tissues.
6. Makes bones, joints, ligaments, lungs, and membranes strong and flexible, and therefore less vulnerable to stress or stress injuries.
7. Nourishes and stimulates the brain and nervous system.
8. Essiac tea promotes the absorption of fluids in the tissues.
9. Removes toxic accumulations in the fat, lymph, bone marrow, bladder, and alimentary canals.
10. Neutralizes acids, absorbs toxins in the bowel, and eliminates both.
11. Clears the respiratory channels by dissolving and expelling mucus.
12. Relieves the liver of its burden of detoxification by converting fattytoxins into water-soluble substances that can then be easily eliminated through the kidneys.
13. Essiac tea assists the liver to produce lecithin, which forms part of the myelinsheath, a white fatty material that encloses nerve fibers.
14. Reduces heavy metal deposits in tissues (especiallythose surrounding the joints) to reduce inflammation and stiffness.
15. Improves the functions of the pancreas and spleen by increasing the effectiveness of insulin.
16. Purifies the blood.
17. Increases red cell production, and keeps them from rupturing.
18. Increases the body's ability to utilize oxygen by raising the oxygenlevel in the tissue cells.
19. Maintains the balance between potassium and sodium within the body so that the fluid inside and outside each cell is regulated: in this way, cells are nourished with nutrients and are also cleansed.
20. Essiac tea converts calcium and potassium oxalates into a harmless form by making them solvent in the urine. Regulates the amount of oxalic acid deliveredto the kidneys, thus reducing the risk of stone formation in the gallbladder, kidneys, or urinary tract.
21. Protects against toxins entering the brain.
22. Protects the body against radiation and X-rays.
23. Relieves pain.
24. Speeds up wound healing by regenerating the damaged area.
25. Increases the production of antibodies like lymphocytes and T-cells in the thymus gland, which is the defender of our immune system.
26. Protects the cells against free radical damage.
27. Increases the appetite for healthful foods.
28. Decreases sugar cravings due to better blood sugar control.
29. Essiac tea increases energy along with an improved sense of well being.

possible Precautions/Side Effects

Side effects are rare with Essiac, but there are 3 general possibilitiesNausea and/or indigestion, generally caused by eating or drinking too soon before or after drinking the tea.Diarrhea, vomitting, or severe intestinal or digestive discomfort, caused principally because as toxins dissolve, the body tries to eliminate them quickly. An increase in the size of an existing tumor, caused by the metastasized cells gathering at the original site, before the tumor softens and reduces in size.If any discomfort or diarrhea occurs, Rene always cautioned her patients to stop taking the decoction for several days until they felt better. Then they were told to begin again with just half an ounce every other day and gradually to increase the dose to one ounce each day. This usually corrected the problem
This is very safe , but like with all herbs, it should be avoided by pregnant or lactating women.
May cause constipation,for a short while, this is caused by toxins being pulled from your body,faster than the body can eliminate them, through the bowel. If this should occure, take a laxative. Once the large amounts of toxins have been eliminated, Essiac will regulate your system.or May cause diarreah, for a short time, due to large amounts of toxins being carried to the bowel, if you should experience, this, discontinue taking Essiac for a few days, then return to taking Essiac, or take somehing to check your dearreah.This will not last long, just until Essiac has pulledthe majority of the toxins from your system, then you will be regulated andnormal.

One thing I would like to warn you about
Taking Essiac in large doses can be very hard on your system and should not be taken in large doses at one time. Spread out the amount you take in one day.


  1. Interesting information about Essiac - this is the first time I ever heard about it. Thanks!

  2. I hope if anyone who reads this blog. Will do their own research, and try this herb. I would love to hear what it has done for you.

  3. After being diagnosed with diabetes I was talking with Alilbirdy2 and she mentioned Essiac to me. I had been following all of the doctor's instructions without good results, so decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did! It has made a huge difference in my quality of life. On my last visit the Dr. said he did not know what I was doing, but whatever it is, don't stop.

    A huge thank you for sharing this information with me.

  4. Hi Robin
    I just ordered some Essiac. I will keep you posted on how I am doing after using the tea.
    Thank you for sharing your story and all the information about Essiac on you blog.

  5. Thank you to those who have commented here. I love reading what the herbs have done for them.
    like I said I don't make money in any way to tell folks about this herb. There are so many who need it.
    One thing that I hate is when you tell someone about this herb and how it can help them, they say I'll have to ask my Dr if I can take it.
    (Dr's get a % of profits made from perscribing drugs and treatments they don't make money if you take those herbs). Dr's are controled by the FDA and AMA so they are not going to perscribe something that they can not make money on.
    It is just a good thing you don't have to have a perscription to buy Essiac.
    Most Health Food Stores can get Essiac for you.

  6. I spoke with mother Yesterday. July 12,2009. I asked her if she was still taking her Essiac. she said she was and when I asked her how often she was taking it she said of a morning.
    In her condition, she should have been taking it twice a day at least. So she said she will start taking it of a night too.
    I would like to see her regain her color in her eyesight. When she stopped taking her Essiac she let that eye deiase take over again. Now I don't know if the Essiac will restore the color vision again. It did once and I am hoping it will again.

    I don't understand why, when people see something is working, they begin to think it is not working, and they stop taking this wonderful herb.

    As for me, I don't want my knees to get back into the same shape they were before I started taking the Essiac so I am not going to stop taking it.

    Folks just don't realize that Essiac will work on a variety of health problems, and if they don't see immeadiate results, they think it is not working. It is when they stop taking it, that they realize what it was helping them with.

    In mom's case, Essiac had restored the color vision in her eye sight, as well as stopped the horrible pain she has with her arthritus. She forgot about that, and stopped taking it, now she is having to start from scratch and let Essiac do it's work all over again.

    If you decide to take Essiac, please don't be foolish enough to think it is not working and stop taking it. It is working even in you don't think it is. If you stop taking it you will see what a hughe mistake you made in not taking it.

  7. I spoke with the man who introduced me to Essiac, yesterday, July 30th.
    He said something that very few people would say.
    He said " I'm glad I had cancer". Then he went on to say, if I had not had cancer, I would have kept going to the Dr and doing exactly what they wanted me to do, and I would never have found out about this herb.

    I guess I can say the same thing in a different way.
    Learning about Essiac, caused me to stop and think hard about life.

    God created the earth and everything in it. He knew what mankind would need to survive everything that would come along. I firmly believe he placed herbs here for our health. He didn't create Doctors, mankind did that, and they use the very herbs that God put here to make medicines.

    As people we have gotten away from nature. Think of the old mountain folks, the Native Americans, way back in the early years here in the USA, as well as the other folks in other countries who went out into the woods and dug up the herb roots, to make their medicines with. Usually it was a tea they brewed and drank.

    If we went back to the early ways of doing things, we might be much healthier than we would be living on all those perscriptions we have been taking all these years.

    We are taught from the time we are babies to go to the Dr when we are sick or don't feel well. I think it is time we took control of our own health. Learn more about herbs and what they look like growing, what they are good for and how to use them.

  8. I have more wonderful news about Essiac. My husband's brother had started taking Essiac because he was diagnosed with COPD. This is a recent thing too. He called the other day, and told my husband he got to wondering if Essiac would do anything for this big skin cancer he had on his face so he made a paste out of it and started putting it on the skin cancer. In less than a week the skin cancer was noticablly smaller. He said he is going to continue putting the paste on the cancer till it is all gone. I'll update this as I learn more.

  9. I've been telling about how Essiac will fight cancer. Not only Cancer but other health problems. Well I have something else to tell you about. It is an herb suppliment called MSM.
    If you suffer from joint pain, lack of energy, stiffness in joints, etc... You will want to try using MSM.
    I have been doing some research on this suppliment and have found that it works great. Infact I have been taking it for quite a while, but only recently decided to do more research on it. I'm glad I did and I'm glad I am taking MSM. Do your own research, don't take my word for it, then you will be able to decide if you want to start taking it too.

    When it comes to our health, if we don't take control of it, we won't live long enough to enjoy our grand children as they grow. The Dr's sure aren't going to help you do that. Drug companies don't want to cure anything, they want to treat the symtom, so you will keep coming back for more.

    It has taken me years to learn what I know now. I wish I had taken control of my health long ago. I wish I had not been so skeptical about herbs. Herbs are the key to our health.

  10. Essiac is even helping and cureing Animals
    I spoke with the guy that I buy herbs from, Essiac herbs. I asked him if he knew anyone that had given it to an animal. He said yes. He said he knew a lady who had some horses. One horse had a tumor, and was very sick and getting weak, the other horses were healthy and kept the sick horse from eating, so she seperated that sick horse, putting it in a pasture by its self. She noticed that horse ate in patches and only where sheep Sorrel grew (Sheep Sorrel is the main cancer fighting herb in Essiac) and after the horse had been given Essiac for about 3 months, the tumor was gone. The Vet had wanted her to put the horse down because it was in cureable.
    There have been other animals that have been given Essiac that got well. This is one powerful herb.
    I asked Darryl how she gave the Essiac to that horse, and he said she put it in the horse's food.

  11. Essiac Herbs, taking control of our health
    I have been touting how well Essiac works for those who have tried it. I believe in it 100%. When I have a cold, it doesn't last long, and one reason is because Essiac purifies the blood which in turn strengthens the organs, cells, tissues etc....
    If you try Essiac you will see what I am talking about.

    Many folks have contacted me because of this blog wanting to get Essiac. I have a link in the first post of the blog where you can buy it online. I don't make any money or benefit from that in any way. It is there for any who wants to take control of their health.

    Diabetics tell me it has caused them to cut down or cut out their insulin. They have to monitor very closely their blood sugar level but it is worth it to not have to take insulin.

    Arthritus, those who have Arthritus have told me they no longer have that horrible pain associated with it. I also have it in my knees, and no longer have that pain and my knees move freely like they never had arthritus.

    There is a list in that first blog post that tells what all Essiac will help with, just read it and you may see your health problem listed, if you do, you should take Essiac.

  12. More News of another skin cancer healing
    One of my neighbors showed me a finger on his right hand. His index finger had an ugly skin cancer and the Dr. said he would have to do surgery to remove it. He set up a date for the surgery for the last of Sept. Dan could not bend his index finger but just a small amount due to the size of this skin cancer. He started putting Essiac on that finger and within 3 days the skin cancer was gone and he was bending his finger like normal again. He said he can't wait till he goes in for that surgery to show his Dr.
    Oh no, that Dr will not like it. He won't get to do the surgery and collect on a big surgery bill. I love hearing things like this.

  13. More Great News about Essiac and what it has done
    If you read all of the comments in this blog, you read where my husband's brother had started putting Essiac on a Skin Cancer. It started out to be about the size of a dime on the side of his face. He has been wetting a tissue, then dabbing it into the Essiac powder, then putting it on that skin Cancer. He told us last week that it is very tiny now. The Skin Cancer is nearly gone !
    How is that for a testimony of what Essiac can do !

    I have read where folks who have pets with health or skin problems, have given Essiac to their pets and it helped or cured them. I have not tested this myself so I can't say for sure that it does work, but knowing what it does for humans, I am inclined to believe Essiac would help or cure an animal of some health issues.

  14. I was given the link to this blog by Alilbidy2 several months back, when I had made a post elsewhere about my dog having skin cancer.

    My dog had what looked like a blood blister on his stomach area, we kept an eye on it, and it got smaller, then alittle bigger, then within several days got alot larger and began to bleed pretty bad. We rushed him to our vet, and the vet said he wasnt certain, but thought it was cancer.
    Immediately I thought, this is death sentence for my 4 legged son. I was heartbroken.

    The vet ended up doing emergency surgery as he had lost alot of blood. We picked buddy up the next day, and the vet suggested sending the growth to the lab. We had the results back in 3 days, and it was cancer. The good news was, it wasnt a cancer that would spread to his vital organs, which was a sigh of relief, but ....
    it could come back or show up on another part of his skin. Which would mean another surgery.

    We hoped this would be the end of it.
    The vet said, that this tumor bled so badly as it was coming from a main artery.

    Our Buddy dog had his stitches removed 12 days later, and everything looked fine. Within 2 days we started noticing another (what I called blood blister) tumor starting to surface.
    I was crushed. There was absolutely no way that I couldny afford yet another surgery, and I knew that this tumor would continue to grow, and probably pretty quickly, and our option was to put him to sleep, or find money for another surgery, both options were impossible for me.

    That is when I made a post on another site, about our dog Buddy. I'm a pretty private person and normally dont post or talk about my life issue's, I dont know if I was looking for support, kind words, or answers, I was a mess that day.

    I got an email shortly after making my post from Alilbirdy2, she sent me the link to this blog, and a short note saying, that this might interest me. I started reading this blog and was amazed at all the stories, yet skeptical too.

    I spent several days reading up on everything and anything about Essiac. Still skeptical, I had my 2 daughters read about it, and my husband.
    My daughters were amazed and skeptical too, and my hubby thought wow .... this sounds like awesome stuff. Lets try it on Buddy.

    Still skeptical I made a few phone calls to several places that sold Essiac, they said it was mostly used on humans, but that they had heard of people using it on animals with success.
    That was all I needed to know, and that my only option for Buddy was to give this Essiac a try.
    I contacted Alilbirdy2 and went back and forth via emails about the Essiac, and she I guess gave me the reassurance that I needed.

    I got the Essiac right away, and started giving it to Buddy with a little food, and also making a paste and rubbing it on the tumor. It had grown in size, and I hoped and prayed it wasnt too late to help him.

    We didnt notice any difference until about 2 weeks after using it daily. Slowly it started drying up the tumor, you have no idea how happy I was to see this happen. I finally felt like there was hope for Buddy.

    Its now been about 8 weeks that we have been giving Buddy the Essiac, and I am happy to say that yesterday the tumor had completely dried up,
    and was hanging from his fur, sorry to be so graphic about this, but its amazing really.
    This Essiac killed the cancer, dried it up, and its no longer there.

    Today I feel as if a huge weight had been lifted. If it were not for Robin,
    I truly believe that we wouldnt have Buddy today. She's been a huge blessing. Thank you Robin, and Buddy thanks you too!

    For anyone who is skeptical about Essiac, I urge you to please do your research as I did. Not only does it help cancer, it has many many benefits. Many wonderful benefits.

  15. I am so happy to hear your doggie is doing fine. That is a blessing to my heart, seeing what Essiac has done for others. Thank you for letting everyone know what it has done for your doggie.

    I agree, folks should do their own research !

  16. I am Blessed to have met you and to have FOUND your Blog! I wanted to let you know, I am not like you! LOL :D

    I have just finished placing my order for Essiac (Essiak) with Green Herb Cafe which is a WONDERFUL site FULL of helpful information!

    Thank you so much for having the courage to make this blog. And for caring so much to let us know!

    Kim ♥

  17. Glad you have found the information here useful, and that you are using Essiac to help with your health issues.
    I would never stop using Essiac, it has done so much for me and people I know.

  18. Some essiac herbs have laxative effects and allergic reactions from skin contact with individual herbs have occurred.

    1. I would be interested in reading where you found that information. So far with all my research I have not found anything that says what you say it does, and I am always looking for anything that tells of a allergic reaction. Please post a link to your research so that others may also read about If Any allergic reactions.

  19. I have never heard of that herb before. I have taken herbs before and quit when they either did not do what they said they would do or I had side effects, or I heard something bad about it and got scared of it. When I was younger I would take anything, but now that I'm older and have experienced side effects to some drugs and herbs, I am more leery about taking something I've never taken before.

  20. So far in all my research on these herbs, there have never been an alergic reatction. The only side effect is if you take too much at one time, when you are first starting to take it, you would either become constipated or have diareah , in the event that you should have either of those, just skip taking it for a day or two then go back on it, build your system up with 1/2 a teaspoon a day for the first few days, then take it twice a day in the same amount 1/2 teaspoon. Put it in coffee, juice or a couple of swallows of warm water. It doesn't taste bitter, but doesn't have a pleasant taste either. It is rather bland.

  21. My husband was showing me the last skin cancer on his face that he had been treating with a paste of Essiac and water. This one was almost the size of a nickle. He put the Essiac on that spot, then put a bandaid on it. He has been doing this for about 3 months. Yesterday he had me to look at it. All that is left is a scar. It was a raised rough patch of skin that would bleed before he started putting the Essiac on it. Now it is smooth, it is not raised, and is just a scar.

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  23. I work with a lady who's Mother in Law was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She refused to take the treatments the Drs wanted her to, and is taking Essiac instead. My Friend said last week that her Mother in Law was doing things around the house and didn't have to stop and rest or take anything. Which she said before using the Essiac, she could not have done those things without stopping and taking something. I'll let you know more as I am told how she is doing.

  24. Unfortunatelly, this ladies mother got started on Essiac too late, but at least her final days were much better than they would have been.
    The thing is if Cancer is too far into the final stages, Essiac doesn't have enough time to kill it. But it will help make the final days better.

  25. My husband had a sore on his face that he was concerned about. It was always red, and then every little while, it would crust up and fall off, then go back to being a red bump. I told him to try the essiac with vitamin E oil like Alilbirdy2 did, and he did that for about a month, having a small bandaid on it every night. It has gone away and not come back so far, and that has been a couple of months since he stopped treating it!