Thursday, July 30, 2009

I don't think you will meet a more skeptical person than I was when I first herd about these herbs.
What you learn here could make a huge difference in your quality of life. If you have an open mind, and are not glued to your Dr. and want to improve your quality of life. I suggest you read all of this blog then at least try this herb.

Please Read all the comments associated with this blog. Some of those comments are where I added information, as well as what others had to say about this mixture of herbs.


  1. As you know, I have had my mother who has Rhumitoid Arthritus, taking an herb called MSM along with the Essiac.
    Today I was with Mom and took a close look at her hands. Each time I am with Mom I look at her hands.
    One hand is nearly straight. Of that hand has her fingers 50% straightened out. That is her left hand. Her right hand was in worse shape with all the fingers tightly curled into her palm. Her Right hand has all Except the little finger, about 50% straightened out now. Her Little finger was bent and twisted worse than any of the other fingers.

    Each time I have looked at that hand her little finger becomes less and less curled. I was able to put my index finger under her little finger today. The last time I had checked that hand, I could put my little finger under her little finger. So the gap between the little finger and the palm of her hand is getting larger.

    It may take a full year or a little over, but her fingers will one day be straightened out.

    If anyone reading this blog and the comments, are suffering with crippling Arthritus, you might want to check your local Sams Club. They carry a huge bottle of MSM tablets. MSM is an herb in pill form and it will amaze you what it can do for you.

    As for the Essiac that works well too. It stops you from having that awful pain associated with Arthritus, it also helps keep the joints from swelling.

  2. My Husbands oldest brother told us last month that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Dr said he could give him radiation. We told Joe about Essiac, and he has decided to take that instead of the radiation.

    This week makes his 4th week of taking Essiac and he is now taking it 4 times a day. He says he feels better and has more energy. He is going to let us know what his check up reveals, when he goes back in a couple of months.

    I have a feeling he is going to shock his Dr on that check up.

  3. The man that told me about this wonderful herb had been diagnosed with cancer and given less than 30 days to live. His Dr. said he could not do anything for him, it was too far gone. That man is Darrell Mayner, and he has lived 17 years cancer free free because of these herbs.

  4. My brother in law is suppose to go to the Dr. this July. I'm not sure of the date, but he has been taking Essiac since March, almost 3 months. The last I heard, he is feeling much better, and has more energy. His Dr wanted to do radiation to kill prostate cancer. He refused the radiation, and instead he decided to give these herbs a try. I'll post his results as soon as I hear what it is.

  5. My Husband had a cousin. He was diagnosed with Cancer. His daughter got him to start taking Essiac ( she didn't follow my directions and she over dosed him ) He complained that it hurt his stomach and after two weeks he stopped taking Essiac. His Dr. wanted to remove the cancer that was on one of his ribs.
    When the Dr. went in to remove that cancer he made the comment that it was the most unusual looking cancer he had ever seen. (Essiac was in the process of killing it) but the Dr didn't know it.
    The cousin decided he would go ahead and have the chemo treatments. Instead of going back on the Essiac.
    I'm sorry to say, he passed away a several months later.
    I wish I could have talked him into going back on the Essiac. I am sure he would still be here today if he had.

  6. I told about my Husband's brother having Prostate Cancer, having found out earlier this year. I had told him, if he went with what the Dr. wanted to do, chemo and radiation, he was signing his own death warrant. I told him about Essiac and how to take it. He chose to take the Essiac. He said I scared him and he was afraid not to try it. He knew what the Chemo and Radiation would do to him too.
    He went to the Dr. Yesterday and had a good report. No Cancer ! and his Prostate is healthy again. How is that for a testimony on what those herbs will do.

  7. My husband had not told me, that he had black gums on the bottom of his mouth. He has dipped tobacco for several years. He started putting Essiac mixed with coco and a bit of salt, on his gums, and they are healthy again. He said the reason he mixed it with coco and salt, was to give the herbs something that would form a cake, and stay on his gums longer. Without the coco it would not stay or cake up on his gums.
    He said he had been doing it for a few weeks, and now has healthy gums. He also stopped dipping.

  8. Hi Robin,
    I took your advice a few years ago and ordered the Essiac tea, boy was I amazed at the results!
    I too am a skeptic, but still believed in the use of natural herbs, I just didn't know which ones to use until you told me about the essiac.
    I have fibromyalgia and before using essiac I was so depressed thinking I would just have to endure pain for the rest of my life because I could not afford to go to the doctor, let alone get any prescriptions filled.
    Plus I really did not want to fill my body with more toxic crap.
    After just a few weeks of drinking the tea all the pain associated with Fibro started leaving my body!!
    I truly LOVE ESSIAC TEA!!
    Thank you Robin, you have no idea how happy you have made me!!

  9. That is great ! thank you for posting here what it has done for you. I like for those who have tried the herbs, to let others know about them and what they did to help.

  10. I had forgotten what you said about only making the tea with 1/2 teaspoon of the tea mixed with a little bit of warm water.

    I prepared the tea as instructed on the package i order from and boy did I ever suffer with my digestive system. Severe indigestion and horrible stomach cramps.

    I wondered what I was doing wrong since the first time I used the tea it worked quickly and all my pain was gone without any side effects.

    I am definitely going to mix an use per your instructions from now on!!

    Please if you read Robins blog, she is not kidding about what essiac tea can do, and please, please, please mix and drink the tea as she has instructed. I know the full benefits of Essiac, I know it works because I use it too!! Thanks Again Robin, you are an earth angel for sure.

  11. Yes, when you mix by the directions I gave, using only 1/2 tsp in about two swallows of warm water, instead of brewing a tea, it works great. It is when you try doing it by the packaged directions that folks have a problem.

    Thank you for posting here, the results that you have had Kym.

    I encourage anyone who has tried this herb, to post here. Let folks know what it did for you. If you had bad results, folks need to know, and let them know how you took the herbs.

  12. My Husband had a skin cancer which was about the size of a nickle on his temple. He started making a paste of the Essiac and put it on the place then covered it with a bandaid. Toward the last week he was putting it on, I suggested he make the paste using Vitaman E oil, and the herbs. He had been using water and the herbs. It was nearly gone when he started using the Vit. E, but now you can not even tell he had a skin cancer there.
    This is one powerful herb.
    It took about 6 or 8 weeks for the herbs to cure that skin cancer.

  13. I was talking to my Brother in law a few days ago. I asked him if he was still taking his Essiac. He said yes he is. I asked him if his Dr had checked his Prostate, and he said yes, and the Dr. told him he would not die of Prostate Cancer , because his looked healthy and all tests show he has a healthy Prostate. He said you may die of something else later in life ( he is 70 years old now) but you sure won't die of Prostate Cancer.
    How is that for good news, and what a testimonial he has. God through those herbs has cured him !
    Like I have said before God knew what we would need when he was creating the world and everything in it. He put herbs here for us to use to fight the things that cause us pain and suffering.

  14. If you are like so many millions of folks who believe everything the Dr. tells you, and refuse to believe what I and many others have said about these herbs, you are denying yourself of a better quality of life.
    If you have gone through Chemo. and Radiation and still have Cancer, taking Essiac may not cure your cancer because you have let it get past the stage where Essiac has a chance. You have already destroyed your healthy cells along with the bad ones. Essiac at this stage can only make your remaining years , have a better quality of life but it may not cure you because you did what the Dr wanted you to do, and you let the Radiation destroy what good cells you had to fight with.
    I know it is hard to believe what someone tells you if they are not a Dr. but by not at least trying the Herbs you have denied your body the chance to be well.
    Radiation destroys the good cells along with the bad, and when you do that, you have nothing left to fight with. These herbs will fight for you, but you have to have some good cells for it to fight with.

  15. A spot showed up on my cheek Several weeks ago. I thought it was a blemish and would go away. It didn't and my Husband said it looked like skin cancer. So I started mixing Essiac with Vitamin E oil to make a paste. Then I applied a bit to the blemish and covered it with a band aid so the paste would stay where I put it and not be rubbed off. I have been doing this for about 6 weeks, and the spot is getting smaller and smaller. It is about the size of a pin head now, but started out to be about 3 times that size. I'll keep using my herbs ! rather than having it burnt off like so many other people do.

  16. So far there has not been any change in the spot I have. It is the same, so this may not be a skin cancer.

  17. I found out what I had on my face was not a skin cancer, I had it removed. It was like a blister that just would not go away. He cauterized it and that took care of it.

  18. In June of 2014 my husband went to the Dr. to have a lump looked at in his chest. On his left breast. They did a mammogram and the results were OK. They said it was just an oil gland. But the lump grew, and I urged him to have the Dr. look at it again. The Dr. said it is just an oil gland again. After a few more weeks and it growing more. I told him to tell the Dr you want something done. Another mammogram showed Cancer. ( All this time he has been taking Essiac but only once a day ).
    They sent him to a cancer Dr. and had a Biopsy. Then had the cancer removed. They did a test to see how far it had spread and it only had made it to one of the lymph nodes.
    I had my husband to take Essiac several times a day, after he first found out he had a cancer.
    He went through the surgery with flying colors, and was up walking around feeling fine , just a little soreness from the incision. He was never confined to bed, or had any problems mending after the surgery, he felt great even.
    He had to have a cat scan, a pet scan and all of that but never had to go on Chemo or Radiation. You may not believe this but by his taking so much Essiac he stopped that cancer from spreading to more lymph nodes.
    He is doing great ! They wanted him to take a pill that blocks any cancer cells from attaching to estrogen cells, so he is doing that. He is continuing to take Essiac several times a day. ( 3 or 4 times )
    We can say another Cancer has bit the dust thanks to Essiac.

    1. By taking Essiac so often of a day, always just 1/2 a teaspoon at a time. He did have diarrhea and had to take something to check that, but he kept taking the Essiac. Cancer is Aggressive, and you have to be Aggressive with your taking the Essiac. I would like to remind you NEVER take more than 1/2 a teaspoon at a time because your system can not handle the over load of such a powerful herb. Even if you don't have Cancer, you still should NEVER take any more than 1/2 a teaspoon at one time.

  19. Yesterday my Husband had to go back to the Cancer Dr. to see how his last cat scan came out. The Dr looked at the X-rays , then examined him, and said " If I were a betting man I would bet your cured of any cancer". That was wonderful news and we expected that is what he would find, that there were no traces of cancer left. My Husband was Prayed for, and continued to take the Essiac herbs. With a combination like that the Cancer did not stand a chance.